Lily of the Valley

“I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.  As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” Song of Solomon 2:1-2

As we enter into the month of May, be reminded that it may also represent the Lily of Valley in the bible depicting that Jesus is the greatest beauty and desire of our souls, and is used as a symbol of Christ and His Church.  In the Song of Solomon, this book tells of the love story between Jesus Christ and His beloved wife (the Shulamite woman) the Church.  The book of Solomon is allegorical.  It is speaking figuratively.

The May flower is the “Lily of the Valley“.  The name “lily of the valley” is used in some English translations of the Bible in Song of Songs 2:1, but the Hebrew phrase “shoshannat-ha-amaqim” in the original text (literally “lily of the valleys“) does not refer to this plant.  It is possible, though, that the biblical phrase may have had something to do with the origin or development of the modern plant-name.  It is a symbol of humility in religious painting.  Lily of the valley is considered the sign of Christ’s second coming.  The power of men to envision a better world was also attributed to the lily of the valley.

We are the “Lily of the Valley” as the “true Israel” (Rom 2:28-29) of God. The Lily is feminine–nearly all cultures “get this” and regard it thus.  As a lily, one of the largest and most lovely of flowers in the land of promise, we are truly clothed with purity, beauty and fragrance.  Thus to say “Lilly of the Valley” and “Bright Morning Star” is to depict the Bride and Jesus, or the figurative body of and actual body of Christ.  It is indeed a “profound mystery”.  The “Lily of the Valley” is us, conformed into His image and like Him.  2 Cor 2:14-15 (NIV) and Eph. 5:25-27 (NIV).

Believers are beautiful, as clothed in the righteousness of Christ; and fragrant, as adorned with the graces of his Spirit; and they thrive under the refreshing beams of the Sun of righteousness. The lily is a very noble plant in the East; it grows to a considerable height, but has a weak stem. The church is weak in herself, yet is strong in Him that supports her. The wicked, the daughters of this world, who have no love to Christ, are as thorns, worthless and useless, noxious and hurtful. Corruptions are thorns in the flesh; but the lily now among thorns, shall be transplanted into that paradise where there is no brier or thorn. The world is a barren tree to the soul; but Christ is a fruitful one. And when poor souls are parched with convictions of sin, with the terrors of the law, or the troubles of this world, weary and heavy laden, they may find rest in Christ. It is not enough to pass by this shadow, but we must sit down under it. Believers have tasted that the Lord Jesus is gracious; his fruits are all the precious privileges of the new covenant, purchased by his blood, and communicated by his Spirit; promises are sweet to a believer, and precepts also. Pardons are sweet, and peace of conscience sweet. If our mouths are out of taste for the pleasures of sin, Divine consolations will be sweet to us. Christ brings the soul to seek and to find comforts through his ordinances, which are as a banqueting-house where his saints feast with him. The love of Christ, manifested by his death, and by his word, is the banner he displays, and believers resort to it. How much better is it with the soul when sick from love to Christ, than when surfeited with the love of this world! And though Christ seemed to have withdrawn, yet he was even then a very present help. All his saints are in his hand, which tenderly holds their aching heads. Finding Christ thus nigh to her, the soul is in great care that her communion with him is not interrupted. We easily grieve the Spirit by wrong tempers. Let those who have comfort, fear sinning it away. (Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary – Song of Solomon 2:1-7)

Throughout this month, practice in your spiritual walk being truly conformed and  representing Christ and his likeness (beauty, purity, fragrance, love).

Post by Rhonda D. Johnson


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